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Unity Ceremony

4 Nov

The Unity Candle is one of the most traditional aspects of the ceremony.

Here are some alternatives for those not so traditional Brides!

Sand – This works well for both indoor or outdoor weddings and is a great way to get children involved in the ceremony. Each member of your new family has a different color sand and pours it into a vase to united the new family.

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Wine – Similar  to the blending the sand except with wine! There are two ways you can go about this; blend both a red and white wine together to make a new wine. Or you can add a little of a twist and pick our your favorite wines and use those to blend, who cares if it is a red and red or a white and white.  This is a great option for a winery destination or wine themed wedding!

Shots –  Like the wine ceremony here you will be having alcohol, but this time SHOTS! Try your favorite drink or shot; tequila and margarita mix or vodka and cranberry. Mix it together pour and take the shot together! Unity Shots are a great idea for the fun loving couple, Mardi Graz themed or funky bright colors wedding!

Use a vintage set or a custom made one!

Planting a Tree – calling all green brides!!!! This is great for the outdoors/green couple and a fun way to have something grow with your relationship.This is another way to get kids involved!

Flowers – In a vase have the Parents of the Bride and Groom places a flower in the vase followed by both the bride and the groom. This is usually shown with red roses to add some extra personality to it  use your favorite flowers!

Scrapbook Page – Something a bit different but special! Before the wedding start a scrapbook of you and your fiance. On the day of your wedding have page premade for you wedding day missing maybe your invitation or your program. During the ceremony the two of you can tape in your missing piece for the page. This will symbolize the first thing you worked together to do as a married couple! It is also a great thing to display at the reception where people can look at the first few pages of the two of you!

Canvas – This is for the artistic Bride and Groom! Have a canvas for you and your honey to create art together or write your monogram together! It is a bit unconventional but makes a beautiful piece to display in your home!

Whichever Unity Ceremony you choose to do make sure it is something that fits you as a couple!