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Fit Bride

6 Apr

So you are officially going to be a Mrs! On the journey to your wedding, all brides to be, want to be loose weight or tone up before the big day and with nicer weather just around the corner there are a ton of ways to get in shape!

  1. Grab a friend or 2! Which shouldn’t be too hard just grab one of your bridesmaids to workout with you.
  1. Get comfortable workout attire! Whether it is something baggy or some cute make sure it is something you feel good in.
  1. Set up a schedule of days and activities you will do during the week. It is easier to stick to a set schedule then just trying to workout whenever.
  1. Sign up for classes or a bridal boot camp! Not only is it more fun but you will push yourself with a trainer and or instructor.
  1. Have FUN!!! Working out Does NOT have to be a chore! Take a Zumba class or have a competition between your friends “Bridal Loser” or simply start a walking club with you BMs (you can walk and talk about the wedding)!

The best part is this workout plan does not have to stop once the wedding is over with. Keeping this healthy lifestyle is great for you and an excuse to hang out with your friends every week!

Stay Fit! Stay Healthy! And Happy Planning!


Something Fishy about those Centerpieces!

4 Apr

You have finally picked the perfect theme for your summer wedding!!






Congrats! The easy part is done now for the fun stuff!!! Center Pieces and Decorations! You can do so many fun things with these themes, but here is one décor item you might want to stay away from… okay I would RUN!!!!!


Yes I know they are pretty, fun, vibrant and will be a huge discussion piece but there is one BIG downfall they die very easily and the last thing you want at you wedding are upside down fishies unless of course it is just a trick you taught them the night before. (And I doubt that is the case!)



You can have them Alive

Or not

Either way the starfish add elegance and live much longer than goldfish do!

Happy Planning!!