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Happy Halloween

31 Oct



“Popping The Question”

7 Jan

So he finally POPPED the Big Questions!

Now it is your turn!


 There are many ways to ask your girls to be part of your big day! A ring pop, cookie, photo collage of you and your bestie, a sentimental card, or a night out for drinks. How ever you do it be creative and make it special. They will be your personal fashionista, your flower expert, your “hired help” and your rock the day of your wedding. Make sure they know how special they are to you.

34199278389872380_8sxGDhKx bridesmaid-cookie

How did you ask your girls? Are you planning anything special?

2 Less Fish in the Sea

7 Jan

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During the summer of 09’ I (the groom) decided to try online dating.  My first go was EHarmony, however, they said that there were no compatible matches for me! Somewhat distressed and feeling quite forlorn I decided to try POF (Plenty of Fish).  I received an email from a very attractive woman in New Jersey.  Little did I know that this was not who would become my fiancé, but her friend!  After exchanging several e-mails and talking on the phone very frequently we decided to meet up in New Jersey.  I drove anxiously to New Jersey anticipating our meeting.  We met at a café that had gelato and conveniently a bar right next door.  She confessed that she was shy and skeptical of POF so her friend had gotten in contact with me for her.  I forgave her ruse, and how could one not?  She looked beautiful; she wore a beautiful blue sun dress which was almost as bright as her eyes, her long wavy black hair flowed perfectly over her left shoulder and her smile warmed me.  We had some gelato, talked and then decided to go for a drink (my plan from the start).  We got along instantly; Christina was easy going, laid back, easy to talk to and extremely sweet and flirtatious.  I sensed that there was something different about this lady in blue (Chris De Burgh got the title incorrect).  Was it the liquor or was she really “the one”?  We drank martinis for hours while talking and flirting amongst a sea of people – yet, it seems as if we were the only ones there.  The bar closed at around 2am, but we couldn’t get enough of one another.  We went back to her car and listened to New Kids On The Block and continued to talk until the sun came up.  I truly believe that Christina fell in love with me that night.  Not because we shared gelato, had a few drinks together or talked until the sun came up.  It was all due to the simple fact that I knew the words to every New Kids On The Block song.

Check out the rest of their engagement shoot from Angelica Criscuolo Photography!

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